Pantone has just released their Spring 2013 Color trend report, and the bright and vibrant palette creates endless combinations of fun, flirty and elegant wedding colors. Between dynamic brights and novel neutrals, springs color trends all come together harmoniously and beautifully to appeal to any taste. 

Bright and happy colors such as Nectarine and Lemon Zest are tried a true favorites that carry over from last year, with Nectarine transforming itself with coral undertones and Lemon Zest bringing in just a tinge of green. These colors work perfectly together or  paired with many of the other colors in the palette to create interesting combinations, such as Lemon Zest with Monaco Blue

Yellow and Orange are a classic color combo!

Monaco Blue is a classic shade that can really be paired with almost any color in the palette, or stand alone for a strong and elegant look. 

Monaco Blue stands alone wonderfully!

Dusk Blue and Grayed Jade are the seasons newest neutrals, perhaps drawing inspriation from one of the newest wedding trends, succulents, as their shades are found perfectly gradiated in this new floral alternative.

         Dusk Blue would create an interesting pair with a bright like Nectarine, while Grayed Jade has stunning contrast with Tender Shoots, Nectarine, and Lemon Zest!

Tender Shoots, a vibrant yellow-green, embodies everything spring, evoking feelings of renewal, perfect for any wedding day celebration while Emerald is lively, radiant, and elegant. Add Grayed Jade into the mix its obvious that green is the color of the season!

Tender Shoots is vibrant, especially with white accents!

Linen, a subtle and classic neutral, is the perfect 
compliment to any color palette or as a standalone. It has more personality than a basic white with its blush undertones. This light and airy shade pairs beautifully with Grayed Jade and Dusk Blue. Especially along with many other shades of the palette!

Linen looks fantastic with Emerald,
Tender Shoots, and African Violet 
Linen is lovely all by itself!

Emerald is so beautiful as a dominant shade!

African Violet and Poppy Red are the wild cards in this vibrant pallette. They are both stunning and seductive statement colors that stand strong alone, together, or just as accent colors, such as a red lip or a touch of purple in a bouquet.


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